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      Dear All,

      I am living in an apartment located in Frederiksberg 2000 and have let my landlord know that I would like to leave 5this will be in 3 months, so end of January).

      I have recently discovered that the dishwasher, which is very old and worn, leaks a lot of water when it is running, which can be very dangerous.
      There is no mention in the lease of the maintenance of the dishwasher so I would have liked to know if it is the landlord’s responsibility to repair it, especially in view of the fact that I am leaving the property.

      Thank you for your help,

      Best regards,


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      Thank you for your question.

      As a general rule, when you leave the apartment at the end of the lease period, it must be returned in a state similar to when you moved in. If the dishwasher was in the apartment when you moved in, it does belong to the landlord. This means you must maintain it (keep it clean and in good use), but your landlord must repair damage from wear and tear. The idea is that your landlord provides you with a functional dishwasher, you keep it functional from day to day. Damage from wear and tear is the responsibility of the landlord, damage from faulty maintenance is the responsibility of the tenant.

      If the dishwasher leaks or is not working, you must immediately inform your landlord about this, in writing (sounds like wear and tear to me)! And he must repair it.

      Martin G. Laursen

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